Thursday, June 9, 2011

I spy with my little eye...

I'm joining back in on the Hunt! I'm a few days late with these ones... but these are so far some of my FAVORITES that I've taken for the Hunt so i still wanted to share them! I'm quite happy with them :D
(hopefully I can get ahead of the game tomorrow!)

A small collection of trinkets atop KeeKee's Entertainment Center. They go together nicely I might add... such a bachelor ;D

2. Finding Form
Ryan getting ready for his first big job interview in the last THREE YEARS!!! It was definitely refreshing to watch him go from frumpy-pajamas-&-Xbox...
To so fresh & so clean!! Reminds me why I find him so sexy...

3. Front Page of the News
I don't read the newspaper for anything more than the ads, coupons, & comics... & I refuse to watch the news on a regular basis. ( Makes me to sad.) But I DO check yahoo's news feed everyday... (Its waaay more interesting...) So that counts right??

4. Chore
Laundry is so irritating, & yet so relaxing all at the same time.
I can never catch up on the laundry all the way, & the unmatched sock bin is always full...
But the room is so quiet, and cooled, I can just fold clothes, breathe
and watch the dogs play in the sun in the back yard...

5. Beads
I love this little candle holder on my bookshelf. It sets the perfect ambiance. :D


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