Sunday, November 13, 2011

...I Spy, with my little Eye...

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This week's theme: Look, over there!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Harvest Apples

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Eric brought home these delicious apples & left them sitting on top of the microwave.
....I felt like they were calling my name...    

Only a few touch-ups were needed to make the
beautiful harvest red pop out & scream it's juicy, sweet, yumminess. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn is here....

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This week's theme: Look Up!

Ryan & I had to take a trip into Seattle for my Dentist appointment, & these were some random shots while we were there. 
The picture on the left, I Had been taking pictures of some really pretty structures on the side of a bridge, when my phone auto took this picture. It just happened to get the streetlight, pointing up. :) 
The picture on the right, was when we got to the Dentist office, we got into the elevator, & noticed the ceiling was mirrored. This was a quick capture...

 I know this isn't really a "landscape" but, it's what I get to look at everyday in my front yard... & I really love it! The colors make you realize that Autumn really is here.
Shades of Autumn Photo ChallengeLegos In My Pocket

The Color Wheel
 I'm going to admit this was a little difficult for me, but I did find this archived picture that not only has the Tetrad colors in it, (Minus Yellow)

but also is very Seasonal! Though it is a little early for Starbucks Xmas cups...
They HAVE started up with Pumpkin Spice again! YUM! 

Black and White
 I tend not to be to fond of black & white. I know it can have it's Dynamics... but I like color. But, that being said, every now & again, a black & white will catch my eye. <3

Photography love...

 Eric bought a pizza stone, & since then has been "perfecting pizza"... It's AWESOME.

 Blank Space
 This was the sky yesterday... you can almost FEEL the crisp Autumn air!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dripping with COLOR

... My friend Melissa made this wonderful creation for me the other day....
Isnt it awesome??

Sunday, October 2, 2011

...Do you have to let it linger...

1. Inspired by a Book or Movie 
I picked this from our front yard... made me instantly think of 
"Beauty & the Beast"

2. Brown
 The leaves are changing colors so fast, there already crumpled brown bits making their way through my front door.

3. Hazy 
I miss going to the falls with Ryan. We used to go all the time, drinking hot cocoa while we watched the sun come up through the fog...
4. Coffee or Tea
 If there is one thing I CRAVE during this season... 
it's Starbucks Signature Cocoas!

5. Linger  
This was Ryan & I's last official "Summer Day." When we saw this sunset while walking through the shops, we couldn't help but stop & enjoy the final summer glow.

Monday, September 5, 2011

So lately we have noticed that we have acquired a new housemate. 
...or more like, neighbor...

He lives under our front porch, next to our drippy garden hose. 
& every evening, around the same time, he likes to venture up the side of the house,
& NOM on the buggies that swarm around the porch light that we leave on.
It's slightly warm up there... & its a yummy buffet-style dinner!

Meet Rupert!

(Apparently, that's what Danielle has named our new little friend.)
He's nice & chubby in this picture, he must have just finished eating!