Meet Jaimie

My name is Jaimie Russell.

I am have happily been with my husband since 2002 & am working on making ourselves a nice big family. I am German, Irish, & Italian but was raised in a full Italian household. I must say it has made me the brass but overly caring woman I am today.

I have been taking pictures for fun for the last 10 years. All amateur, for friends and family. I enjoy doing it so much that I ALWAYS have a camera on me! People who know me will often refer to me as the "Party Paparazzi" because I will go hang out JUST to take pictures of everyone having a great time!

I always get such great feedback about my photos that i decided to try doing some that were a little more personal. Some engagement shots, some wedding pictures, even some maternity photos.

I love seeing people's face light up when they see their moment captured on film, whether its posed, or a random candid they didn't even know I took. I would like to expand and continue helping others enjoy their memories forever. ♥