Monday, June 27, 2011

Beautiful Summer Colors


When it's sunny & warm... 
Niecie & I LOVE to sit outside 
& swirl colors around in warm water...
Makes a mess, & tons of FUN!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scenes of Summer

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This week's theme:  Scenes of Summer


...I couldn't pick just one this week....

Monday, June 13, 2011

NOT a Potty!

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This week's theme:  Signs around us!

Ryan took over the swap this week.
When he saw the theme of "signs" he was instantly excited...
"I JUST took a picture of the most AWESOME sign!" 

He found this sign when entering the water park area of Great Wolf  Lodge in Grand Mound, WA. while we were there for Danielle's Bday. (A post to come later.) He thought that it was hilarious that this was a rule that had to actually be STATED... He assumed that to anyone of age or maturity level to be reading the giant board of rules.. that THIS rule in particular would be an "unspoken-common-sense"thing. LOL. 

His exact words were: 

"Oh! Well dammit... I was wondering about that. I wasn't sure ya know...with all the chemicals & stuff,
but o well.. I guess if its on the rule board then I guess..." 

Gotta luv it. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I spy with my little eye...

I'm joining back in on the Hunt! I'm a few days late with these ones... but these are so far some of my FAVORITES that I've taken for the Hunt so i still wanted to share them! I'm quite happy with them :D
(hopefully I can get ahead of the game tomorrow!)

A small collection of trinkets atop KeeKee's Entertainment Center. They go together nicely I might add... such a bachelor ;D

2. Finding Form
Ryan getting ready for his first big job interview in the last THREE YEARS!!! It was definitely refreshing to watch him go from frumpy-pajamas-&-Xbox...
To so fresh & so clean!! Reminds me why I find him so sexy...

3. Front Page of the News
I don't read the newspaper for anything more than the ads, coupons, & comics... & I refuse to watch the news on a regular basis. ( Makes me to sad.) But I DO check yahoo's news feed everyday... (Its waaay more interesting...) So that counts right??

4. Chore
Laundry is so irritating, & yet so relaxing all at the same time.
I can never catch up on the laundry all the way, & the unmatched sock bin is always full...
But the room is so quiet, and cooled, I can just fold clothes, breathe
and watch the dogs play in the sun in the back yard...

5. Beads
I love this little candle holder on my bookshelf. It sets the perfect ambiance. :D