Sunday, January 30, 2011

PhotoSwap Challenge : Buildings

Jumping in on another PhotoSwap Challenge !
This time over @ 
Twisted Fate Photography

Took this one in Seattle with Yelly 
while she was taking shots for Photog Class. :)

Show me yours!

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Photo Swap #1

 This is my first week participating 
in A PhotoSwap over at 

This is mine :)
Took this one on Friday

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Monday, January 10, 2011

First things first...

To any of you not aware, 
Pocket Memories
is a side project of 
I figure... If I'm going to do things... better go all out and have them all connected, huh?

Thats why I'm affiliating my Blog with my Photography. 
(not like I don't post most of my personal stuff there anyways, huh?)

So I will definitely be doing so back (OLD) update posts.
Then as new stuff comes up.. i will post it as well!

Keep ya posted!