Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MiNiCREW Vacation 2012 (Day 1)

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On the car ride there, Awwe ... Such sleepy lovebugs.. 

Awe... Grant's parents are soooo sweet!! Thank you guys!! :)

What a wonderful good morning we got today

Danielle helping Grant with his #minicrew2012 initiation :)

This is their favorite place. ❤ #minicrew2012

All the baby fishes !! 

All 3 are almost asleep... Didn't make it very far :)

#best #pizza #EVER !!


They love it!!

Like father like son ❤ Old School & New School

Awe... She's always been a car-nap person :)

Happy sleepy Snuggly pug

...thirsty? Yumm!

Captured or house invader


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