Sunday, October 2, 2011

...Do you have to let it linger...

1. Inspired by a Book or Movie 
I picked this from our front yard... made me instantly think of 
"Beauty & the Beast"

2. Brown
 The leaves are changing colors so fast, there already crumpled brown bits making their way through my front door.

3. Hazy 
I miss going to the falls with Ryan. We used to go all the time, drinking hot cocoa while we watched the sun come up through the fog...
4. Coffee or Tea
 If there is one thing I CRAVE during this season... 
it's Starbucks Signature Cocoas!

5. Linger  
This was Ryan & I's last official "Summer Day." When we saw this sunset while walking through the shops, we couldn't help but stop & enjoy the final summer glow.


  1. Beautiful job - I really like hazy and linger!

  2. Starbucks signature favorites too. Love your set of photos...each photo so different and each so fun.

  3. Really love the second picture!