Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bright Eyes

Linking up for my first

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Since I don't have a camera anymore...(mine chose a fine time to poop out on me.)...
I have to make do with my wonderful camera phone
I gotta say though, it ain't bad for a phone!

Now Chelsey did "Eye pop" for this week & I thought, 
"hmm... who do I have a recent picture with beautiful big eyes for me to show off??" 
Well that would be my beautiful Niecie now wouldn't it?!?

So I started by taking the exposure up a bit... same with the sharpness. this brought out that lovely sparkle in Annaise's big ol' brown eyes! Then I warmed it up a bit by taking the temperature up to 20. This counter-acted that shine off her noggin. There still wasn't enough shine in her eyes to satisfy my tastes, so I messed with the "gritty" effect in Picnik, & Wah-lah! A beautiful pair or smiling baby eyes!

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