Monday, February 28, 2011

Bi-polar Seattle

So normally we can pretty much count on Seattle to give us 
rain, rain, sleet, rain, an teeeeensy bit of sun... then more 

But, This week, Seattle must have forgotten to take her mood stabilizers... otherwise I have no CLUE what is up!

First, she was her normal frumpy self...
  ...with a little sun on the side...

...Then, about 10 minutes in traffic 
and a little ways down the road...

Later sitting & waiting for Melissa, some snow starts to flutter... more than 5 minutes later its full on snowing!

 ...but it didn't last long...

The next morning there was barely more than a light dusting on the ground when it started fluttering again...


15 minutes later the Powder Sugar Blizzard commences!

  ...followed no more, no less, than 5 MINUTES later by a complete HALT in all snow activity for then next 4 HOURS.

 someone needs to talk to this gal & get her back on track! 

Though, I did get a lovely picture for my fellow blogger Faith's 
"Weather" Photo Challenge over at her blog:

Thanx Seattle Dearie! :)
Knew I <3'd Ya!

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